The Goose Girl

There once were two brothers by the name of Grimm.  Among hundreds of fairy tales they have written, one of my favorites is “The Goose Girl.” I read the tale for the first time in ninth grade when I was on a major fairy tale kick (those seem to happen often with me).  A few weeks after reading it and deciding it was my favorite of the Brothers Grimm so far, I was visiting a bookstore when on a shelf of newly released books, I saw The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale.  Having been thinking about the fairy tale a lot in the weeks preceding this find, I was startled to see the title on the side of a large-ish looking novel.  Naturally, I bought the book and read it within two days. 

That was all in ninth grade, age fifteen.  I am now twenty-one and have lost track of just how many times I have read Shannon Hales’ extended rendition of The Goose Girl.  I am re-reading it again and would like nothing more than to skip work to go read it.  Instead, I am surviving by writing about it here. 

Isn’t that incredible? I’ve read countless times, but still I want to drop everything and read it.  The tale captures my attention even though I know all the twists and characters and visuals.  I absolutely adore it!

It is a sad thing that the publishers have decided to change all the covers of Shannon Hale’s books.  Now they are rather ugly.  But, that does not change the wonder that the binding contains within.  So, I suggest that you stop what you are doing and head to the nearest bookstore or library and read The Goose Girl.  Go now.  In fact, I would reccommend the bookstore because once you read it, you will want to read it again.  So go.  And enjoy!

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