A break through the clouds…

Once upon a time, it was rather common for me to spout some sort of metaphor, simile, or description of simple, everyday things.  Phrases would drip from my tongue as frequently as a twitch of the mouth muscles.  Then, after discovering traumatic news, coming up with any poetic phrases seemed as impossible as understanding chemistry.

This week, however, metaphor, simile, and description have returned to my natural thought processes and conversation.  They are not quite as fluid as before, but they are back! I like to think of it as combining two cliches: I have returned to the bicycle, but I have to scrub off all the rust before it will work properly.

Also, my observation skills are returning! A single golden leaf on a barren trees once more holds the fascination and delight it once did.  The magic is returning and with a vengeance.  I even wrote a bit of a story/book.  Only a small portion, though, so I will not bother posting it.

I do think this deserves a “huzzah!” or two or three.

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