Trying to write a paper I am apathetic about

I am supposed to be writing a paper.  This paper holds no interest for me thus I find my words are limited and sputtering at best, like the water as it tries to reenter the pipes after being drained by the water construction men.

Meanwhile, I decided to look myself up on google.  A new development with google is that it will try to finish what you are typing.  Because typing is hard? I don’t know why.  Nonetheless, I found a list of Tamsens, all women.  Interestingly, each of the other Tamsens have are very successful and have made names for themselves doing what they love.  One is a journalist and writes books about why boys don’t ask you out on another date.  Another is an English professor at Princeton.  And another is an art/aviation dealer.

I find this very interesting.  Tamsen is a very unusual name, yet the ones you find on the internet seem very strong-willed.  Strong enough to do what they love.  Fantastic!!

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